Business Administration

The Department of Business Administration at the University of Basra College of Science and Technology accepts graduates from various preparatory study branches (scientific, applied, literary, and biological), as well as graduates from commerce (general, store management, economics, and administration) and the Department of Computer and Information Technology (electronic management).

Study options: morning/evening

Duration of study: 4 years

Tuition fee: 1,500,000 Iraqi dinars for both morning and evening options

Minimum acceptance grade: 50 for both morning and evening options
– The program offers a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration upon successful completion of the program, and graduates are employed as administrative staff.
– The Business Administration Department aims to prepare specialized scientific managers capable of working in various administrative positions in government departments, private institutions, and other sectors. This is achieved by equipping students with the latest skills in business management, information technology, and quantitative management methods to keep up with the developments in modern technology and contemporary management. The program also aims to develop the student’s creative thinking skills to help them make scientific administrative decisions to tackle work problems.
– Graduates from the Business Administration Department can work in various positions, such as office work, financial and auditing work, project management, supervision and monitoring of work, store management, marketing and promotion of businesses, and other administrative jobs.