English Department

The Department of English Language at the University of Basra for Science and Technology accepts students who have completed secondary education in the Scientific, Biological, Applied, and Literary branches, as well as graduates of the English Language Institute for Teachers.

Study options: Morning and Evening.

Study duration: 4 academic years. The Department of English Language at the University of Basra for Science and Technology aims to prepare competent students who possess the necessary scientific and research cognitive skills in the English language and English literature, and to provide students with practical and scientific motivation to qualify them to compete in the job market, delve into scientific research, and serve the community.

Department Objectives:

  1. Developing students’ language and communication skills.
  2. Encouraging students to have a full understanding of the cultures of the English-speaking world.
  3. Developing critical and creative thinking skills and enhancing students’ research abilities in the field of specialization.
  4. Preparing distinguished cadres in the English language, capable of contributing to the local and regional community services and communicating with the civilizations of the other world.

English Language specialization provides students with an opportunity to develop their translation skills, as this specialization focuses on providing study materials in each academic semester that introduce students to the science of translation and specialized translation patterns, whether political, economic, technical, etc. And you will be able to learn the English language skillfully as if you were one of the people of England from the working-class level, in terms of “listening, speaking, reading, and writing.”

The employment fields for graduates of the English Literature department are as follows:

  1. Working in the field of translation at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Information and Culture, government ministries and agencies, embassies, and foreign consulates.
  2. Teaching in the field of educational English language or other languages taught to students.
  3. Teaching language specialties in public and private universities.
  4. Working in the private sector in media companies, hospitals, tourism and aviation companies, and public relations.
  5. Working in literary writing and criticism, translating movies and TV series, simultaneous interpretation at literary seminars and scientific conferences, and in a wide range of business world jobs such as (marketing researcher, public relations, customer services, secretarial, advertising, etc.).
  6. Presenting radio and television programs, preparing and coordinating foreign language programs, news monitoring or editing, or correspondent at satellite TV stations.
  7. Working with local or international organizations.
  8. Journalism, media, criticism, and writing in all kinds of literature, in addition to some tasks in companies such as public relations and translation.

The registration department at the college is available daily from 8:30 AM to 3 PM, except on Fridays, to assist with the application process, introduce the college departments, and answer any questions.